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Pumpkin, well, everything!

This time of year brings out the pumpkin lover in all of us. We’re having fun with it and want you enjoy the seasonal pumpkin madness as well. If you’re feeling inspired, try making one of these dishes at home! Shake up your breakfast parfait with our Pumpkin Parfarro Stir up some Pumpkin-Peanut Soup Prepare a Spiced Pumpkin, […]

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Apple Oven Cake

This recipe makes for a delightful breakfast or brunch item. I almost always adapt recipes to include healthful ingredients I regularly use. For example, in this recipe, I substitute whole wheat pastry flour for all-purpose flour and use maple syrup in place of brown sugar. I also use plain Greek yogurt regularly in place of sour cream and in this case, as a quick alternative to Crème Fraîche (for which there is no substitute!). Enjoy it.

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Power Salads

It’s January. We’re making all of our favorite salads. Of course, there’s our Green Power Salad featuring kale, French green lentils, cucumber, green apple, and almonds. Our new Vegan Power Salad is loaded with Brussels sprouts, quinoa, butternut squash, fresh apple, and walnuts. We’ve also paired our Turkey Hummus and Mediterranean Wraps with fresh greens. […]

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Eat the rainbow!

Oh, January. It gets such a bad rap. Resolutions almost always feel like punishment for not having acted on/gotten to/asked about/prioritized someone or something in the past year. Often, it’s our diet that takes a lashing. January makes it feel punitive to eat healthy, drink more water and get active, when actually – it feels […]

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Gifts for Giving

We have all kinds of gifts for giving and stuffing in stockings! Our gift certificates are available in any denomination, $10 and over. Our banana nut and pumpkin chocolate chip muffin mixes are made with gluten-free flours. Our beer nuts, well, they speak for themselves. Take it all home in a Flagstone Pantry logo bag […]

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Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes

We brought back an addition to our Thanksgiving menu this year – Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes! This recipe just goes to show that potato dishes need not be laden with butter, brown sugar and cream to be super yummy. Caramelized shallots and fresh rosemary let the sweet potatoes shine in this dish. So good – and […]

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UPDATED: Catering Menus!

We do special orders all the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We just updated all of our menus. You can find them here. Although we don’t currently offer delivery, if you pull up to the loading zone at the curb, we’ll help you load your car! Please call us to place an order at […]

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Seasonal Fruit Tarts

Yes. Even on my days off, I bake. I am receiving a steady supply of fresh figs and I just can’t help myself. This fig tart came together in no time using this recipe for Seasonal Fruit Tarts. I diverged a bit from the recipe, as always. This time, I used a 9-inch tart pan. I […]

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No-Cook Meals for Hot Nights

We appear to have a little heatwave on our hands. What to do on hot nights when you don’t want to turn the oven on but want to eat at home? Here are some delicious no-cook meal ideas. You can always order a roasted chicken from us (just call 617-4568 by 2:00 PM). Read more for recipes!

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Get Some: Sugar Snap Peas

At the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, I bought sugar snap peas. Oh, how they crunch! I use them for salad, stir fry and quick pickling – that is, when there are any leftover by the time I’m finished snacking on them raw. A true sign of spring, sugar snap peas are a bright and delicious addition to many dishes. Get some!

Read more for links to these recipes:

– quick pickled *quickled* sugar snap peas
– asian chicken salad with sugar snap peas
– sugar snap pea salad with mint, radishes and ricotta salata

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