A Fresh/Frozen Pantry Shopping List!

I mentioned in a post earlier this month, that I have been doing the bulk of my grocery shopping online since moving into a high rise and selling my car.  That said, I love trips to the farmer’s market and weekly excursions to Eastern Market where I pick up fresh seasonal produce to round out my pantry.

I find, however, that I repeatedly shop for fresh/frozen items in the same way I shop for dry goods. I like having a basic set of ingredients on hand so that I can reliably turn to my go-to dips, dishes, and meals during the week.

If you haven’t made friends with your freezer, it’s time. There are so many ways to use your freezer to save, prep, and plan for meals (that’s another post waiting to happen).

Click and print your fresh/frozen pantry list here:


Disclaimer: I am not a fussy cook and, of course, I am a sucker for seasonal produce. Items on this list are the basics. I don’t need to be able to make everything on a whim, I just like knowing that on any given day, I can make pasta or a chicken salad or a side salad (have you seen this?). This list helps.


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  1. Joni April 25, 2019 at 7:13 am #

    Great list and tips!

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