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Make Stuffing You Will Love

I know what you’re thinking. Stuffing is that dish on the buffet table, sort of like fruit cake, that is either forgettable or unforgettable (usually for reasons you don’t want to remember!). By following a few simple guidelines, you can turn out a stuffing that will leave your guests begging for more.

In other kitchen shenanigans, I whipped together a Cran-Apple Couscous last night that was pretty tasty. I started by cooking 1 cup of whole wheat couscous. To the cooked couscous, I added chopped apple, dried cranberries, chopped green onions, and sliced toasted almonds. I then dressed it with apple cider vinegar, grape seed oil, orange zest, salt, and pepper. Yummy! For inspiration on making simple dressings and pumpkin bouquets at home, read on…

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Grand Canyon Calling

This past weekend, we hiked the Grand Canyon. That’s right – hiked the Grand Canyon – as in climbed all the way down and then back up again. We left the North Rim via the North Kaibab trail at 6:15 a.m. on Saturday. By noon, we made it to Phantom Ranch on the bank of the Colorado […]

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