What’s for Breakfast

idyllic landscapeI have a friend who is a busy mother of two, marathon training, and starting a new job just as the school year gets underway. In fact, I have many busy friends, and they are always looking for breakfast ideas that are quick, healthy, and at times, portable.

Two options, both of which can be made in advance, are Mini Frittatas and Apple Spice Muffins. The mini frittatas make for a quick, healthy hot breakfast or snack. They are also easy to grab and go. The muffins, made with whole grains, applesauce, fresh fruit, and nonfat plain yogurt, make for another delicious start to busy days, especially when paired with fresh fruit or yogurt.

Another hot breakfast option is Tomato Cheese Toast. Get your whole grains, vegetables and dairy on for breakfast. This recipe is a weekly breakfast staple at Golden Door, so you know it makes for a healthy start. Birchermusli, or swiss-style oatmeal, is one of my personal favorites. By soaking the oatmeal in milk overnight, the oats are ready when you are and can be topped with fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, honey, wheat germ, milk, or some combination thereof.

Making breakfast part of your family’s daily routine is a habit worth keeping. Now that you’re off to a good start, enjoy your day!

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