Marathon Update + White Bean Chili + Maple Corn Bread

DSCN0254On November 1st, I joined over 39,000 runners to compete in the NYC Marathon. The crowd support was amazing, the volunteers were incredible, and the weather was perfect – 50 degrees with a cloud cover. As a runner, you can’t ask for better conditions. My nutrition plan worked well – oatmeal, a sports bar, Gu and Gatorade got me through the day feeling light on my feet and energized.

The course was fantastic! We went winding through neighborhoods, hitting all five boroughs, and ending in Central Park. I didn’t over-analyze things. I just ran my race and picked the miles off, one by one. I was so inspired with my experience that I registered for the Boston Marathon (April 2010) that night. Knowing that I am racing Boston in the spring serves as a great motivator for staying healthy and fit throughout the winter and holiday season. Do you have a fitness goal to get you through the holidays?

This weekend, there’s a freeze watch, so I’m making a batch of White Bean Chili to warm our bellies. A fun twist on the usual, it’s zesty in all the right ways. It comes together pretty easily and makes enough for a small army, so either invite friends for dinner or make some room in the freezer. I like freezing it in small batches that I can easily thaw for lunch or dinner. It’s so nice to know it’s sitting there in the freezer, ready and waiting, on a day when I don’t have the energy to start from scratch. I’ll serve my chili with Maple Corn Bread, which is my go-to recipe for corn bread. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

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  1. Ann November 8, 2009 at 4:53 pm #

    So glad see “yummies” again in my inbox! White bean chili sounds wonderful, but I’m still catching up on yummy recipes, so tonight it’s white bean stew, although the coconut curried soup was sooooo good, I almost made it again. Congrats on a great race! See you in Boston!

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