For You! A Dry Goods Shopping List

Since I moved into the city, into a high-rise apartment, and sold my car, I’ve been buying groceries online. I find that if I shop for pantry staples weekly, then I can do quick meal-related shopping as required during the week (or none at all, as the case may be).

Shopping online for groceries is different. You aren’t prompted that you might need this, or a little bit of that, simply by passing it in the aisle. This approach has its good points, including no temptations, stick-to-the-list shopping. BUT, your list has got to be good, or else, everything is delivered EXCEPT THAT ONE THING for which you now need to go to the grocery store. <Insert flaming mad emoji.>

I’ve developed a list we can all use. This edition, focused on dry goods, helps me keep things stocked for many of my go-to meals. I can make entire meals and side dishes with this list, but we all need fruit and vegetables (!!) — which is why I am also making a fresh/frozen edition of this list.

In the meantime, click and print your dry goods pantry list here:


Disclaimer: I am not a fussy cook. Sure, I have other stuff coming in and out of my pantry – coconut oil, almond flour, almond extract, walnut oil – but the items on this list are the basics. I don’t need to be able to make everything on a whim, I just like knowing that on any given day, I can make a pasta dish or a side dish or a dip or a flatbread. This list helps.


2 Responses to For You! A Dry Goods Shopping List

  1. Jennifer Annan House April 2, 2019 at 6:58 am #

    Kristen! Thank you so much for this shopping list. Since we relocated from SB to VA last spring, I have been cooking up a storm. This list is just what I need. I hope you are enjoying being back on the east coast!

  2. Kristen Desmond April 2, 2019 at 10:00 am #

    Hi Jen! It’s good to hear you are cooking up a storm – me too ๐Ÿ™‚ I do love being back on the east coast, I love the rhythm of the seasons. I hope you do, too. Be well!

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